Let's be real - when it comes to playing Fortnite Creative, its classic Gun Game mode is its most fun.


The fast-paced shooter is easy to get stuck into, with players obtaining a new weapon with every opponent they eliminate - the first player to bag an elimination using every weapon wins, so it pays to be an accurate shot in the battle royale.

However, one of the funnest elements of Fortnite Creative's Gun Game mode are the endless maps to choose from, as the mode gives players the freedom to create the map of their dreams.

Keep reading for some of our favourite map codes in Fortnite Creative’s classic Gun Game mode - to play any of these maps, simply enter the code in the "Island Code" section and away you go.

Fortnite's Best Gun Game Map Codes

Among Us: 1665-4835-6529

This map is a replica of The Skeld from hit deception game Among Us - you have 25 Weapons to complete in order to win, starting with the Submachine Gun, and ending with a Rusty Can. Jumping (or running, or crouching) into a vent will take you to another vent nearby based on the official Skeld pathing, allowing you to quickly access other parts of the ship to take on your opponents.

N64 GoldenEye Temple: 4396-1463-7998

Ooof - talk about a throwback. Welcome back to the Temple from the legendary N64 game GoldenEye 007. Players can take part in five modes all based on the original multiplayer game: Living Daylights (Flag Tag), Licence to Kill (One-Shot Kill Deathmatch), Live and Let Die (Deathmatch), You Only Live Twice (Two-Life Deathmatch) and Golden Gun (Gun Game).

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Bikini Bottom: 3300-7669-9591

This map lets you immerse yourself in the vibrant world of SpongeBob to explore Bikini Bottom. Players can battle it out in the underwater cartoon-inspired map, but be warned, alongside trying to get through the variety of weapons, there will also be waves of random events to survive.

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First Person: 6821-7528-4726

Bored of battling it out in third person? Thanks to this map code, players can try taking on Fortnite in first person - the first person to 25 kills wins.

Modern Warfare 2 Terminal: 4340-5772-0250

One for the Call of Duty fans, this map is an astonishingly accurate remake of MW2's Terminal Map. Fight it out in the airport terminal or catch your opponents unaware while hiding on the plane. Up to 16 players can take part at once and the first to complete all 30 eliminations is victorious.

Sundown Showdown: 5043-5771-6731

Yeehaw! This Gun Game stays true to its cowboy-inspired roots, with players cycling through Wild West-inspired weapons like the Revolver and the Double Barrel Shotgun. The first to 15 eliminations will take the crown.

Summer Time Gun Game: 5497-9533-0527

It's time to hit the beach in this fast-paced map, complete with food trucks, a ferris wheel and shows on the boardwalk. The first to complete all 25 eliminations is champion of the beach.

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