The Fortnite season 4 teaser trailer gave us our first look at the Marvel-themed joy for Chapter 2, season 4, including the new skins and superpowers.


Thor, She-Hulk, Mystique, Storm, Wolverine, Groot, and Doctor Doom all feature. Captain America was also shown in the trailer, but as there's already an MCU skin there's no new comic book based skin.

The new Battle Pass skins in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 4 looked like they would have superpowers initially but instead, you get 'powers' with special emotes.

There are special 'awakening' challenges that get you these emotes. For example, you can lift Thor's hammer (Fortnite season 4 new weapons were leaked) or turn from Tony Stark to Iron Man.

There are seven Battle Pass kins and one special skin to unlock, all based on the comic designs rather than the MCU movies.

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We've broken down the new Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 skins.

Thor - Tier 1

With the normal Battle Pass (rather than the more costly one) you get Thor at Tier 1.

There's just the one skin in Tier 1 this time, rather than the usual two.

Thor is the first superhero that landed on Fortnite island to warn the others of Galactus' arrival.

How to emote as Thor: For Thor's Awakening Challenges you have to find Bifrost mark locations, find Thor's Hammer and head to mountaintop ruins - where you emote as Thor

She-Hulk - Tier 22

This Jennifer Walters skin is the default rather than She-Hulk. You unlock She-Hulk Jennifer Walters skin at Tier 22. Then seven tiers later you can use the 'awakening' challenge to get the special emote to transform her.

The same applies to Tony Stark and it's an interesting move by Fortnite. Stark is the Tier 93 skin (technically like the Tier 100 skin).

How to emote She-Hulk: Visit Jennifer Walters' office, eliminate Doctor Doom's henchmen and end with smashing vases at certain locations.

Groot - Tier 38

No complications here, he's Groot or rather "I Am Groot".

How to emote Groot: For Groot's Awakening challenges you need to plant a seed on a heart-shaped island then you can emote as Groot at a friendship monument.

Storm - Tier 53

Storm is unlocked at Tier 53. There's no two level unlocking with emotes here.

How to emote as Storm: Storm's awakening challenges involve visiting a weather station as Storm, riding the Steamy Stacks in the storm and emote as Storm while in the centre of said storm. It's all very on brand.

Doctor Doom - Tier 67

Not really a hero, but he's a skin in season 4. Doctor Doom also has his own location on the map. Doom takes over Pleasant Park and is a boss. You have to take Doctor Doom down in the Season 4 Week 1 challenges.

How to emote as Doctor Doom: Doctor Doom's Awakening Challenges start with visiting his statue, then visiting a big throne - finally you have to get a Victory Royale as Doctor Doom to unlock the emote.

Mystique - Tier 80

The assassin and shapeshifter is a Tier 80 skin. Her special emote transforms her into other skins at tier 86.

How to emote as Mystique: For Mystique's Awakening Challenges you first have to use a phone booth, then deal damage with different rarity pistols, and then you emote after eliminating an enemy.

Iron Man/Tony Stark - Tier 93

Tony Stark comes wearing his glasses and without his Iron Man suit. You unlock Stark at Tier 93 and then the emote unlocks the ability to transform him at Tier 100 into Iron Man.

How to emote as Iron Man: Nearly there, just the Tony Stark/Iron Man Awakening Challenges to go. Once you're at 88mph in a Whiplash vehicle you're ready to go. Then upgrade bench as Tony Stark, then you emote in the Stark Workshop.

Wolverine - Special Skin

Wolverine is the secret special skin. We saw him in the teaser trailer.

How to emote as Wolverine: You need to complete weekly challenges to get Wolverine. Once you unlock the skin you can get the Classic Wolverine variant too. Check out the challenges by selecting the Wolverine Challenges option on the main menu.

Challenge One: Investigate mysterious Wolverine claw marks (x3) - reward Berserker Barrage! Spray

The alternative skin styles were also shared on Twitter.

Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 is updated today, 14:00 BST has been confirmed as the start time on Thursday, 27th August.

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