You made it! If you're looking how to emote after smashing vases you're at the final stage of the She-Hulk awakening challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4.


Once you complete this it kicks off the transformation from Walters to She-Hulk.

Remember the steps below - and then you're ready for the smashing vases.

How to emote She-Hulk - Awakening Challenge

  1. Visit Jennifer Walters' Office as Jennifer Walters - head to her office in Retail Row.
  2. Eliminate Doctor Doom's henchmen as Jennifer Walters - shoot three henchmen at Doom's Domain. No separate guide here as it's a simple one.
  3. Smashing vases - read on for how to do this. You just need to smash one vase (at least we did).

Fortnite smashing vases locations

First, you have to find the vases. There are a few locations to head too. One is the east in Dirty Docks, another is just below the mountains at Camp Cod.

Camp Cod - you'll see targets and a vase among them. Smash it!

Sweaty Sands/Holly Hedges - on the left of the map. Head there and the same deal, Hulk smash!

Dirty Docks, the east - there's a big old house. Head inside and you'll see a bunch of vases all together. They're blue. Smash a few, it's therapeutic, and then the option appears for the emote which transforms you from Jennifer Walters to She-Hulk.

To use She-Hulk from now on remember you have to emote before the start of a match.

Next up where to find Baby Groot in Fortnite.

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