Baby Groot is quite rare and not the easiest to find in Fortnite Season 4 so we're here to help you out.


Marvel characters have previously popped up in the game, but Fortnite Season 4 marked the first time the whole season was themed around them.

Chapter 2 of Season 4 didn't involve a major map overhaul but there are a few map changes.

You're probably already embarking on your journey to get the Marvel skins and Awakening Challenges like finding the Wolverine Claw Marks or the Bifrost locations.

One of the other missions involves players rescuing Baby Groot.

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Find Groot on the map, interact with the little guy and you're on your way.

How to find Baby Groot in Fortnite Season 4

Holly Hedges is where you want to focus on here. From what we've seen so far it doesn't seem Baby Groot is spawning for all players, so don't stress if you don't find him just yet.

If you jump from the Battle Bus and land using the glider at Holly Hedges.

You want the southwest corner and the Garden Centre. There's a caged fence and plants in the backyard.

If you search those plants, under them you should find Baby Groot.

Sapling Groot spawn in Fortnite Season 4

If you still have no luck, then don't worry. Players have shared their searches on social and not everyone has found him.

Below you can see a successful trip and rescue.

It's a waiting game. He's just there sitting in the plant pot so once he's there to be found that's all you have to do. Make sure you're in the right place though, you don't want a garden gnome!

Just remember there is a challenge for three eliminations at Holly Hedges for Season 4 Week 1 Challenges so be careful when looking for Baby Groot.

How to get Groot's Bramble Shield

If you're also looking for weapons, There's no Groot in-game, so you need to find his Bramble Shield Mythic.

Head to the Quinjet. Jets land on the map and spawn Stark Robots as well as Drones. You need to shoot down the Drone to get the Mythic item.

What does the shield do? You can use it to enter Groot's ball of branches that protect you from gunfire and heal you.


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