Everyone is getting Thor to hunt down and stand by Bifrost marks - it must be a Fortnite Awakening Challenge.


Fortnite season 4 is here and brings with it the Marvel skins, Fortnite weapons, and challenges. It also brings with it Awakening challenges to unlock emotes.

If you're trying to find the Bifrost marks for Thor's Awakening challenge we've broken down where to look.

When you reach level 15 you unlock three challenges, which, when complete, you get the Thor Awakening Emote.

The first of these is to find Bifrost marks, footprints it's left behind, by the Weeping Wood.

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Fortnite Map Bifrost marks
Fortnite Map Bifrost marks Epic Games

This one is pretty easy, you just land by the six marks and stand by them to complete them.

The map has had a slight change where it marks where challenges are, but they don't give specifics. Just take a look by the Sentinal Graveyard - by the hammer.

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