All of Doctor Doom’s Awakening Challenges and how to complete them

If you're at Tier 67 it's time to unlock Doctor Doom

Doom challenges

The only non-hero on the Marvel skin list, Doctor Doom is available to unlock at tier 67, but first, you have to complete the Doctor Doom Awakening Challenges.


To get the emote you have three challenges to complete.

This is separate to battling Doom at Doom’s Domain – we’ve covered that in our guide to how to defeat Doctor Doom for the season 4 week 1 challenge.

The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks as per usual. To unlock powers for each character you have to complete a series of challenges to ’emote’. The Awakening Challenges unlock as you reach the higher tiers, finish weekly challenges and so on.

These are all fairly easy, but Doctor Doom is a bit harder.

Doctor Doom’s Awakening Challenges

  1. Visit Doctor Doom’s Statue as Doctor Doom 
  2. Visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom
  3. Get a Victory Royale as Doctor Doom to unlock emote

Visit Doctor Doom’s Statue as Doctor Doom

First up you have to have the Doctor Doom skin on, head to Doom’s Domain aka Pleasant Park – the one with the HUGE statue of him. That’s what you need. Head up those steps and that’s it.

Visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom

Next up, you are visiting a giant throne while your Doctor Doom. The throne is in the southeast of your map. The throne is made of rocks and trees and you’ll see it as you get close to the mountain. If you look at the map and see Retail Row it’s just under and to the right.

If you climb on to it you can emote.

Get a Victory Royale as Doctor Doom to unlock emote

You need a win here! Just complete the quest in Team Rumble mode.

Have your Doctor Doom skin on and use the emote at the Victory Royale screen to complete the challenges.

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