As per everything this Fortnite season 4, the challenges include Marvel themed tasks - like finding Wolverine claw marks.


For the first week of challenges in Chapter 2, season 4 you have to investigate mysterious claw marks as part of the first of six Wolverine challenges.

For this task, it appears Wolverine has been dragging himself about the Weeping Woods leaving claw marks in his wake. Now it's your job to investigate and find out where he's been.

If you aimlessly walk about it could take you a while so we've tried to hunt them down for you. When you've got all of these you're one step closer to unlocking the Fortnite Marvel Battle Pass skins (he's one of seven) - Wolverine is the secret skin this season like Deadpool was in Chapter 2.

Update: At first it looked like there were just three but others have cropped up, we've added them below.

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Fortnite Wolverine Claw Mark Locations

Head to Weeping Woods as that's where all of them can be found. This is on the southwest corner.

The wood is pretty big, but let's kick things off on the east side - that's where the buildings are.

Fortnite claw locations
Fortnite claw locations Epic Games

Westside of the largest building in Weeping Woods

Look under the balcony under the outside wall for this one.

Side of a rock by the pond

Again the east side is the place to be. The second is on the side of a rock at the pond between the main buildings.

Side of RV in the parking lot

Check out the parking lot and on the side of the green RV you'll see the claw marks. If you need a hand it's the northeast corner of the lot.

If you collect at least three it appears you complete this one and you get the Berserker Barrage spray and that's another step towards unlocking Wolverine.

Toilet stall

There have been reports that there's a claw mark in the building on the south of the trailer park, on a toilet stall.

Fridge inside the tower

Others have found a claw mark at the top of the tower to the west of the trailer park... on the fridge. Maybe Wolverine was hungry?

We'll add any other locations as they crop up.


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