When the Marvel heroes were all showcased in the Fortnite season 4 trailer one stood out, mainly because he's not actually a hero - we're talking about Doctor Doom of course.


Doctor Doom is a Battle Pass Skin, but he's also a boss hanging out in Doom's Domain aka Pleasant Park on the Fortnite map.

The challenge is to kill him three times at that location - just note this is recommended for a team rather than a solo mission, because, well, it's hard otherwise.

Where to find Doctor Doom

First up, where to find him. Doctor Doom, like all good bosses, hangs out at his lair Doom's Domain, that's the former Pleasant Park.

Doom took the area over with a nice creepy mansion and a massive statue of himself, because why not?

Week 1 Challenge
Epic Games

There's also an underground base and vault - like any good villain hideout.

To find Doom, head to the mansion. We've seen him strolling about in the lower end of the mansion, near his vault.

How to beat Doctor Doom

Of course, you can try this alone, but we'd recommend teaming up. Doom has a lot of health and uses energy blasts to set the ground on fire.

Fight Doctor Doom
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It's not an easy match.

Once you beat him you get the energy blast added to your new Fortnite weapons. You also get a card that lets you into the vault. Win. That's under the soccer field and guarded by two henchmen.

To finish this you have to beat him three times. The extra XP is worth it as it'll help you get up those tiers.

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