Fortnite Mountaintop ruins location – Thor Awakening Challenge for God of Thunder

The final step to emote Thor and become the God of Thunder

Fortnite God of Thunder emote

When it came to the Fornite Thor Awakening challenges it was inevitable we’d end up on top of a mountaintop somewhere.


Thor is the first Marvel hero in Fortnite, after all he was the one warning everyone.

The story so far: Thor wakes up on the island, has no clue what’s up, finds Thor’s hammer and then pops over to the Bifrost locations. Now it’s time to head to the mountaintop ruins to become the God of Thunder.

Easy, peasy. You should have already completed the other tasks before you head to the ruins.

How to emote Thor

Now you need to look at the mountains at the bottom of the map. You don’t want the big cluster on the far southeast, you want the smaller mountain to the left of that.

When you get there you will see three obelisks.

Make sure you have the Thor skin and the hammer – head to the top.

There should be an emote available, do it and you will see Thor raise his hammer summoning the lightning.

Thor emote
Epic Games

Before your eyes, he will become the God of Thunder! (aka some changes happen that make his shine and blue).

There you go Thor completed! Take a look below for the other challenges and tasks.

God of Thunder
Epic Games

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