Fortnite season 4 is here and with it, there's a few map changes, Marvel skins, new weapons and new challenges.


Now season 3 is over, there's a new boss to face - Doctor Doom in Pleasant Park.

Doctor Doom has a few new abilities, though we're waiting to see what those are and where he sits in terms of Fortnite bosses.

We've broken down the new locations for Fortnite season 4 map.

Fortnite Season 4 Map Changes: New Locations

New Spawn Island - Helicarrier

Helicarrier Epic Games

There's a new spawn island for Fortnite season 4 - it's the helicarrier, which will be familiar to Avengers fans from the first Avengers movie. The vehicle works in air and sea. You can also see it during matches, just floating in the air.

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There's the Battle Bus on top of the new spawn island too.

Doom's Domain

Week 1 Challenge
Epic Games

In the north-west corner of the island, this is the only real big named location released at launch. It looks like it's the only location that offers one of the new Boss abilities (replacing the mythic weapons).

Doom's Domain in Pleasant Park is easy to find, it's not the whole area but does take up a fair bit of space. Doom hasn't hung around, there's a huge statue of himself... bit egotistical. He looks like he's building a castle too.

Expect Henchmen, Henchmen chests, and Doctor Doom. There's also the vault in Doom's Domain.

Sentinal Graveyard

This is the biggest unnamed POI. Find it near the centre of the map on the hill looking over Weeping Woods.

When you jump in the Sentinal's hands here you get a boost.

Not a lot of loot in this location, so maybe hold off for a while. It's initially undiscovered when you first load in.

Quinjet Patrol Stations

When you're in a match you can feel the Quinjet rumbling as they take off from the helicarrier. The Quinjets land at the S.H.I.E.L.D patrol station found across the island. You can see these by looking for blue smoke. Stark Robots patrol the area by them so be careful.

Crash Sites

There's a few of these on the map. You can find the Drones and new Stark Labs weapons here.

The Drones can drop loot so it's worth heading over to take a look.

Other changes

Sweaty Sands - a new skatepark has arrived. It was in season 3 but wasn't complete.

We'll add more map changes as we find them.


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