Fortnite Storm Awakening Challenges – how to complete them all

Once you're at the right level get ready to walk into the centre of the storm to emote as Storm

Storm emote

If you’re working your way through the Marvel skins and emotes, you’re probably up to Storm.


The other skins include She-Hulk, Groot, Thor, Mystique, Wolverine and Doctor Doom.

The team will all face Galactus in Chapter 2, season 4 though how that pans out remains to be seen.

For each skin, you have to unlock the character emote by leveling up (950 V-Bucks) and completing a series of tasks – the Awakening Challenges.

The challenges unlock items (like the hammer) and get you the powers that, let’s be honest, we wanted all along.

Storm has three challenges, which we break down below.

Storm Awakening Challenges

  1. Visit weather station as Storm
  2. Ride the Steamy Stacks in the storm as Storm 
  3. Emote as Storm in the centre of the storm

Visit the Weather Station as Storm

Get on that Storm skin and head to the Weather Station. This isn’t marked on the map but you need to look to the south of Catty Corner. It’s on the mountain there. You complete the challenge by landing at the Weather Station. The pop up will appear when you land on the ground.

Look out for others landing…

Ride the Steamy Stacks in the storm as Storm

Next up, you have a longer challenge to complete. It’s easy enough though. Go to Steamy Stacks and head up the building there – it has a big old fan at the bottom.

Dive in there when the storm hits, that’s what takes the time here. Ride the Steamy Stacks as the storm rages on. Remember you have to be Storm.

Emote as Storm in the centre of the storm

The centre of the storm seems to change, but you’ll see it when you’ve had the first round. On the map, mark the middle and head there before the next cycle. If you do this one right you will see a purple lightning rod, around it is a chamber. Stand on this and the emote is ready to go. Complete!

You’ll know it’s done when the cape appears on Storm.

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