You've probably already noticed that FIFA 23 is out now, but just how cheap will it be on Black Friday 2022? Will there be significant price cuts on this, the final FIFA game that EA Sports will produce? You've come to the right place to find out.


If you've been hoping to play FIFA 23 and its much-hyped World Cup mode, but you've been waiting for the right time to make that purchase, it's only logical that you'd be eyeing up Black Friday and Cyber Monday as potential dates on which to pull the trigger.

It's worth remembering that there are several different versions of FIFA 23: the most high-tech version can be found on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S (RRP £69.99), while the mid-range edition is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One (RRP £59.99). And below even that is the 'Legacy Edition' of FIFA 23 on Nintendo Switch (RRP £34.99), which hasn't been upgraded in years (beyond the annual changes to players and kits).

But how does Black Friday level the playing field? Keep on reading and we'll run through everything we know so far about how much FIFA 23 will cost on Black Friday in the UK!

How much will FIFA 23 cost on Black Friday? Best UK deals so far

It looks like every version of FIFA 23 will be getting noticeably cheaper for Black Friday, with the deals having already begun at a number of online retailers. Depending on which version you're looking for, you could save tens of pounds.

In terms of noteworthy reductions on physical copies of the boxed game itself, the best FIFA 23 Black Friday deals we've seen are these particularly tidy offerings at Amazon:

The PC version of the game has not yet been reduced in price at Amazon, but we can see savings elsewhere if you're looking to play FIFA 23 on your computer. Over at CD Keys, for example, the price has dropped from £59.99 to £35.99 for FIFA 23 on PC. That's a saving of 40% or £24, but that is a digital code you would be getting (as opposed to a disc in a box).

Speaking of CD Keys, if you don't mind receiving your copy of FIFA 23 as a digital download code (rather than a boxed product you can resell later), you'll also find the following deals at the moment. Note that you can't get the PS4 version or the Nintendo Switch through CD Keys.

Going back to Amazon for a second, it's also worth noting that the iconic retailer also has some FIFA 23 bundles at the moment. If you're looking to buy some hardware at the same time as the game, it's worth considering these options as well:

In terms of Black Friday PS5 deals that combine with FIFA 23 deals, those are harder to find at the moment. Although you can buy a PS5 and FIFA 23 as a bundle from Amazon, that does not seem to be listed as an actual deal at the time of writing.

As ever, it's worth noting that prices fluctuate throughout the Black Friday sales period, often multiple times in the same days, so it's always worth checking a few rival retailers before you make a purchase.

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Before you order FIFA 23 from Amazon, for example, it might be wise to check what the price is at GAME right now. Or if you're about to buy a code from CD Keys, check first how the prices compare at traditional retailers. Either way, you should be able to find a FIFA 23 deal this Black Friday!

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