EastEnders: Stuart Highway’s big secret is discovered by Mick

Expect a showdown between the two childhood friends next week

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5725

EastEnders fans will learn more about spiky Stuart Highway in next week’s EastEnders when Mick Carter discovers a shock secret about his childhood mate. Stuart has already revealed that he took the rap for a crime committed by Mick in his youth, but could there more to this Albert Square newcomer that’s yet to be revealed?


In scenes to be shown on Monday 11 June, Mick (Danny Dyer) will be left surprised when he learns that wife Linda (Kellie Bright) has called Stuart (Ricky Champ) to cheer him up. As viewers know, Mick has been left feeling guilty in the wake of Shakil Kazemi’s death and feels that he should have been able to do more to save the local teen. Realising things must be dire for Linda to have called him, Stuart hurries over to distract Mick from his worries.

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5723

But it looks as though Mick will be handed a whole load of new concerns when – after stealing Stuart’s mobile phone for a prank – the Queen Vic landlord finds himself on the receiving end of an extreme reaction from his buddy. Mick is understandably confused as to why Stuart should lash out in this way, so what is it on the phone that he wants kept hidden?

By the end of next week, fans of the BBC1 soap can expect there to have been a showdown between the two men as the truth comes spilling out. But is Mick set to jump to an erroneous conclusion? And where will Stuart’s revelations leave their friendship?


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