EastEnders: Abi’s baby is delivered – but is tragedy coming for the Brannings?

Will Abi ever get to see her little girl?

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A baby has been born on tonight’s EastEnders – but there was no time to celebrate, what with the future of new mum Abi remaining so bleak.


Doctors have already told Max that his daughter Abi is brain stem dead following her and Lauren’s Christmas Day fall from the roof of the Queen Vic. So the operation to deliver the baby was done without Abi ever regaining consciousness.

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In the end, Max was left holding Abi’s daughter, a newborn he now expects to be an orphan, what with the father Steven Beale having lost his life earlier this year and the prognosis for Abi being so grim.

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One of Friday’s final scenes saw Max realise that his plans to raise cash for Abi’s treatment by selling the deeds to valuable properties in the Square was futile – the key paperwork seen flying off in the wind as a tear fell from the eye of the beleaguered Mr Branning.

So with show boss John Yorke having already revealed that one key character is set to lose their life over the festive season, might it be Abi who won’t be seeing any of 2018?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of the upcoming drama on EastEnders below


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