Emmerdale: Lachlan launches surprise attack on Robert

The power struggle at Home Farm has taken a fresh twist

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Scheming Robert Sugden has had the tables well and truly turned on him in tonight’s Emmerdale after his bitter enemy Lachlan White abducted and attacked him.


Tuesday’s episode saw Lachlan lie when he told Robert that a pregnant Rebecca had gone into labour.

After whisking Robert away in his car, Lachlan then drove an unsuspecting Mr Sugden to a deserted farm, where he pummelled him to the ground and threatened to smash his face in with a rock!

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Robert was left desperately assuring Lachlan that he would now show him respect in the future.

But will Robert end up being a man of his word? After all, he’s no stranger to a spot of double dealing and backstabbing…

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As things stand, Lachlan has been welcomed back into the fold at Home Farm after earning the forgiveness of Lawrence.

But with him also having vowed to kill his grandfather, will Lachlan go through with his plan? What should we make of Lachlan’s threats to end Robert’s life?

And will Robert choose to rock the boat now that Lachlan has shown himself capable of getting the upper hand?

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