Emmerdale spoilers: Gennie’s wedding day heartbreak – picture preview

The bride-to-be is left with a huge dilemma after mum Brenda refuses to attend her nuptials

Gennie Walker (Sian Reese-Williams) is set to face a massive dilemma next week when mum Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) refuses to attend her wedding. 


While Nikhil is overjoyed at seeing his bride at the altar, Gennie will leave her beloved on tenterhooks when she considers pulling out of the ceremony thanks to her mum’s non–appearance. 

“Gennie freezes when she sees her mum’s empty seat,” reveals Sian Reese-Williams. “They start to exchange vows and Nikhil is really excited, but when it’s Gennie’s turn, she just can’t do it.” 

Ever since Nikhil and Gennie decided to bring the date of their wedding forward, an ailing Brenda has been objecting, telling the pair that she considers the move morbid. So will Gennie proceed in the light of her mother’s obstinacy? 


“You’ll have to wait and see whether she goes ahead, but it’s difficult for Gennie to go through this without Brenda because her mum is her world, even though they sometimes can’t stand each other. It’s heartbreaking she’s not there. But regardless of what happens with the wedding, Brenda is very ill and Gennie will have to be there for her.”