EastEnders wedding week: 5 big things to look forward to

Ballum! Bianca! Bullets!

eastenders wedding week

EastEnders is about to unleash its biggest week of 2019 so far with the action kicking off on Monday 2ndSeptember as one dramatic day in Walford is played out across four action-packed episodes.


Whitney Dean has forgiven fiancée Callum Highway for cheating on her and issued a chilling threat to Ben Mitchell to stay away from her man, Hunter Owen has spied mum Mel’s gun and is plotting revenge on Jack Branning, and some big-name returns are waiting in the wings.

Here are the top five game-changing events coming your way in the next seven days…

Whitney and Callum’s wedding

EastEnders - Ben, Whitney, Callum

Whit won’t let her fella go without a fight, but as we saw in her showdown with Ben on Friday 30thAugust she’s hoping her fiance’s penchant for snogging blokes is a passing phase and is prepared to put it aside for the sake of her dream wedding. She gets as far as putting the frock on and going to the venue, but can she really go through with it? And will Ben stand back or beg his beloved Callum to choose him so #Ballum can be out and proud?

Bianca’s big return

eastenders bianca tiff

The wait is nearly over and B is home for the first time in five years to see stepdaughter Whit get wed (or not, possibly). Even though her return is short and sweet (a few weeks max) show bosses have teased it will leave a massive impact as she brings a dark secret back with her that sparks a year-long story for her on-screen family. And if you were wondering why Bianca didn’t run to the aid of daughter Tiff when she was groomed into a drug trafficking gang, we’ll find out why…

Keanu and Louise are back – with Lisa

eastenders ben keanu

On the run after being framed by jealous Ben for Stacey Fowler’s attack on Phil Mitchell, it turns out Keanu is in hiding with pregnant girlfriend Louise Mitchell and they’re being sheltered by her mum Lisa Fowler (welcome back Lucy Benjamin, two years after her last stint). Unstable Lisa wants BFF Mel Owen’s help to smuggle them out of the country, but as Keanu sneaks around the Square he’s got a score to settle with Ben and the pair come face to face. Expect serious beef to be addressed, but now that Ben has told Phil he set Keanu up what does that mean for his future?

Armed siege at the Vic

eastenders hunter mel

Mel’s got more on her plate than Lisa’s request for help, namely her crazed killer son Hunter who has escaped from prison and is out for revenge on Jack Branning – the man who put him there. Cutting loose from his basement hideout, reckless Hunter storms the Queen Vic packed with punters armed with his mother’s loaded gun…

At least one death

eastenders hunter owen

A shot rings out as Hunter’s plan to teach Jack a lesson goes horribly wrong with deadly consequences. Someone is caught in the crossfire and by Friday 6thSeptember at least one unlucky character will be killed off. We’ve got some theories here about who’s time is up, but what if there’s more than one fatality?


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