EastEnders: Kim will see Vincent’s dark side as he gets revenge on the Mitchells, says Richard Blackwood

"The feud between the Mitchells and the Hubbards is set to reach epic proportions," reveals the actor

Open war is to break out between the Mitchells and the Hubbards this Christmas after Phil takes drastic action to destroy Vincent and his happy family.


But Vincent is a dangerous opponent and is soon taking the fight straight back to Phil, as actor Richard Blackwood explains:

“The feud between the Mitchells and the Hubbards is set to reach epic proportions. It’s been building for months and now so it’s going to reach breaking point.

“Phil is making things personal and goes for Vincent’s family and that is the one thing Vincent can’t take and it pushes him to his limits. 

“Vincent will do anything to protect his family and decides enough is enough. He’s no way going to let Phil get away with what he has done. He wants revenge.”

Viewers have already seen Vincent reveal to Ronnie that he is a police informant working long-term to bring the Mitchells to book.

But Vincent’s efforts to end the family’s reign of supremacy looks set to turn potentially deadly (that crushed car he’s standing on in the image above looks particularly worrying), while Kim will also have to face the truth about the man she’s married.

“Kim has been in the dark about the kind of man Vincent is up until now. She has been very good at just seeing what she wants to see,” continues Blackwood. “She loves her new house and being there with her Vincent and Pearl, but she’s going to learn that it comes at a price. This Christmas, she will be forced to see his dark side and there will be no going back from it.”

In the run-up to Christmas, viewers will see Vincent come up with a plan to get his own back on the Mitchells. But, worried about the consequences, those close to Vincent try their best to stop him. But can anyone halt the vendetta? And where does Vincent’s mum Claudette stand on the subject?

“Well, Claudette’s been encouraging Vincent’s feud with the Mitchells from the very beginning and isn’t going to let him forget his responsibilities to her any time soon.

“But her intentions so far haven’t been clear. She has a lot of history with the Square and the people in it, so it will be interesting to see if we find out more from her and what her motivations are.”

And, of course, there’s also ice queen Ronnie to contend with – Vincent may have taken her into his confidence, but where exactly do her loyalties lie? 

Adds Blackwood: “Vincent has been doing his best to isolate Ronnie from her family and get her away from Phil, but she is a Mitchell so she isn’t going to turn her back easily.

“But this Christmas, he backs her into a corner and forces her to choose a side, but it’s not a simple choice. Either way, she is in a dangerous situation.”

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