Someone in the UK watched Bee Movie 357 times on Netflix in 2017

There’s one Briton out there who really, really, really loves bees

(YouTube, JG)

One Netflix user in the UK has watched Bee Movie 357 times in the past year, the streaming giant has revealed, making them the most prolific “re-watcher” in Europe.


Who is this person? Is it a very doting parent giving into their child’s demands? Or is it a bored adult who has a lot of time on their hands?

The sad fact is, we will probably never know – but if you’re reading this and you think you may bee the one, please get in touch.

Bee Movie was released to mixed reviews in 2007, and follows a bee who sues humans for stealing honey.

The biggest re-watcher in the world is one American subscriber who watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 365 times – one for every day of the year?


Netflix also released some details about its fastest-watched shows of 2017, with US drama Greenleaf topping the list of Netflix’s ‘most devoured’ series in 2017 – where viewers watched more than two hours per day.