First live-action Lion King trailer looks very similar to the original

It’s the circle of (reboot) life…

The Lion King

The very first trailer for Disney’s live-action remake of the Lion King has arrived – and frankly, it looks almost exactly the same as the original cartoon.


Not in terms of style, of course. Director Jon Favreau, following on from his popular live-action remake of the Jungle Book has employed similar techniques to create photorealistic animals living in a real-world setting, a million miles away from the classic hand-drawn style of the original.

But in terms of actually what happens? Well, it’s nearly a shot-for-shot remake, from anointed heir Simba being held aloft right down to the reactions of his animal subjects below.

And they’ve even got the original Mufasa, aka veteran actor James Earl Jones, aka Darth Vader, back on the team, delivering his grand narration like the noughties never happened.

So no, there’s not that much new here – but when it tugs on the nostalgia heartstrings this strong, dammit, it’s hard to care that much.


The Lion King will be released in July 2019