Deadpool takes another swipe at the DC universe in new trailer

The latest footage for the sequel shows the red suited mercenary cracking wise about DC movies, Thanos and, of course, X-Men Origins: Wolverine

(YouTube, JG)

Deadpool opens in less than a month but that hasn’t stopped Fox releasing a barrage of new footage from the hotly anticipated sequel.


The newest trailer gives us our best look at Deadpool’s roster of superheroes including a hilarious cameo from Catastrophe star Rob Delaney as the powerless Peter and fan favourite character Domino played by Zazie Beetz.

The film centres around Deadpool’s battle with Josh Brolin’s time traveling Cable in order to protect a mutant child with explosive powers played by Julian Dennison (Hunt for the Wilderpeople).

Cable actor Josh Brolin is also playing Thanos in this year’s Avengers: Infinity War, a fact pointed out in the new trailer, and it would appear that he has little patience for Deadpool’s brand of comedy.

The bulk of the trailer gives us some interesting new footage of the X-Force team as assembled by Deadpool with the help of his friend Weasel (TJ Miller) and the recruitment app LinkedIn.

The X-Force, a team of misfits created by writer and artist Rob Liefeld, appear to be on their first mission together which involves a heady parachute jump and a lot of bullet wounds.

Here’s hoping that Rob Delaney’s Peter – our new favourite – survives the drop.

(YouTube, JG)
(YouTube, JG)

In a fight sequence between Deadpool and Cable the merc-with-a-mouth quips, “that’s dark, you sure you’re not from the DC universe,” in a dig at the much-criticised dark tone of the recent DC movies.

And later in the trailer we see Deadpool facing down a barrage of bullets from Cable in what looks to be a reference to a similar scene in the much derided X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The first Deadpool took a cathartic pleasure in roasting Reynolds’ first attempt at playing Deadpool and it looks like the sequel will be continuing the trend in hilarious fashion.

If the clips of the deadpan Brolin facing off against Reynolds’ motor mouthed anti-hero in this trailer are anything to go by, Deadpool 2 will be a bullet hole-laden symphony of jokes, explosions and more self-deprecating superhero humour than you can shake a metal arm at.


Deadpool talks his way into UK cinema’s on Tuesday 15th May