Marlon collapses in new Emmerdale Christmas 2018 trailer

Is his wedding day destined to end in disaster?

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Marlon Dingle will get the shock of his life this Christmas on Emmerdale when partner Jessie Grant springs a surprise wedding on him. In this new festive trailer, Marlon can be seen passing out when he realises that he is the groom-to-be at the impromptu village nuptials. Up until this point, Marlon had been under the impression that his cousin Sam was the one getting wed, so his reaction is perhaps understandable, given that he had no idea that he would be the one saying “I do”. But perhaps his collapse is more down to the fact that he will be seen getting horrendously drunk with Sam on the night before the big day?


Says actor Mark Charnock: “Marlon is so overwhelmed – and very light headed because he got so hammered the night before. So it’s a real treat for me – I get to throw up twice on British television on Christmas Day. It’s a lovely festive story though and also very funny!”


Emmerdale isn’t yet revealing whether the wedding goes ahead, though Charnock has high hopes that Marlon and Jessie will be able to enjoy a happy future together:

“It would be lovely for Marlon to have some happiness and a family unit for him and April. I’m just thrilled to be at the centre of the Christmas episode and have a big Dingle wedding!

“I’ve been here 22 years so a wedding every five years feels about right! This time I think it could make for a genuinely interesting pairing as a blended family, and with April, Leo and even Paddy in the mix I’m excited about the way it’s shaping up.

“Marlon and Jessie have both lost people, they are vulnerable but complete each other’s circle. Marlon’s romantic CV is terrible in terms of disaster and catastrophe, but I feel him and Jessie have got legs as a couple. And wait until you see the dance sequence in the wedding episode!”


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