Tiff kisses Bernadette on EastEnders to lure her into dangerous drug deal

Is Bernie about to get out of her depth?

Tiff kisses Bernadette on EastEnders

Scheming Tiffany Butcher (Maisie Smith) has cruelly led her friend Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris) on in tonight’s EastEnders in order to embroil her in a potentially dangerous drug deal.


Tuesday’s cliffhanger scene saw Tiff lean in for a kiss with Bernie in the hope that this would tempt her into joining her on a job out of Walford that will see her deliver an illegal stash to a contact in Suffolk. But will Bernadette really go along with her friend’s reckless plan?

In the run-up to the kiss, gang leader Evie was seen putting pressure on Tiffany to take the trip to East Anglia with the drugs.

And when Bernadette initially refused to accompany Tiff out of London, Evie suggested that she use her charm to convince her. Now feeling increasingly desperate, Tiff decided to come clean to Bernie, admitting that Evie is currently living in Ted Murray’s flat and that she’d been ordered to deliver drugs.

Fearing gor her safety, Tiff then told Bernie that she needed to go back to Milton Keynes. But just as they were about to say goodbye to each other, Tiff deliberately played on Bernadette’s feelings and kissed her.

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Caught up in the moment, a stunned Bernie then agreed to help Tiff, a decision that will inevitably leave fans worried about what the future holds for both girls should they make the trip to Suffolk…

So will the pair make the risky journey? Or will a family member (Whitney? Karen?) be able to hang them in their tracks?


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