Prince in cancer scare as Hollyoaks launches new storyline for Malique Thompson-Dwyer

I'm a Celebrity… contestant gets a hard-hitting plot

Hollyoaks Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) in cancer scare

Hollyoaks‘ Prince McQueen (Malique Thompson-Dwyer) is at the centre of an emotional storyline starting next week that sees the character fearing he could have cancer, but chooses to keep it from worried wife Lily McQueen (Lauren McQueen) who grows increasingly confused by his erratic behaviour.


Still adjusting to Lily’s brush with death during storm week when she almost drowned after the jetty over the river collapsed, the teenage Mr and Mrs McQueen are about to face another obstacle in their rocky marriage when Prince forgets his spouse’s 18th birthday and keeps disappearing without explanation.

Seeing how hurt wannabe-doctor Lily is that her hubby missed her milestone, Romeo Quinn (Owen Warner) gives his best mate a heads up hoping he can still salvage the situation. But he’s stunned when scared Prince admits that he has found a lump on his testicle…

Insisting he doesn’t want Lily to know pushes Prince to become prone to violent outbursts over the next few days, terrified he won’t be around to support his wife as she looks into applying for a five-year training course to make her medical dreams come true.

After a spectacular row with teacher Louis Loveday (Karl Collins) about losing the Hollyoaks High window cleaning contract, Prince eventually opens up to him about the tragic reason behind his aggression.


When will the actor appear in I’m a Celebrity?

Is Prince brave enough to get the lump checked out? What if his worst fears are confirmed and he does have cancer – could it put too much pressure on the young couple who have already fought to stay together?

Little does Prince know that Romeo is in love with Lily and the pair were on the verge of running away together when the hurricane hit the village last month. How would Prince react if he knew one of the people he had confided in had committed such a huge betrayal?

The storyline gives Thompson-Dwyer a chance to shine just as the actor enters the Australian jungle to take part in this year’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, starting on Sunday 18 November on ITV. Could the high-profile plot propel the star into viewers’ hearts?


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