Robbo to cheat on Jasmine with Tori in Home and Away baby twist?

The prospective parents grow closer as they embark on IVF


Home and Away could be lining up a potential love triangle as Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Robbo Shaw’s (Jake Ryan) plan to have a baby together sees them becoming more attached, threatening the gym owner’s romance with nurse Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost).


The plutonic pals have embarked on an IVF cycle to conceive a child, after Tori felt her biological clock ticking away and doctors told her she needed to act sooner rather than later if she wanted to become a mother. When asked to be the donor, and nothing more, Robbo initially took some convincing, but his grief for the children he lost pushed him into pursuing another chance to be a father.

Complicating matters is Robbo’s relationship with Jasmine, which is in its early stages but is increasingly complicated by the baby plan making it difficult for them to have any quality time. On Tuesday 20 November, Robbo and Jasmine get flirty on the beach and she suggests they hang out – only Robbo has to refuse as the latest IVF results are due in and he needs to preserve his strength (among other things) in case it’s good news.

Tori is thrilled when the clinic tells her they’ll be ready to harvest her eggs tomorrow, and despite insisting she’s fine with her boyfriend’s baby project Jasmine can’t help feeling left out and concerned for their future as Robbo’s priorities are in flux.


Is Jasmine right to be worried about Robbo and Tori?

On Wednesday 21 November, Tori undergoes her procedure and she and Robbo learn the eggs will need to be fertilised to see how many viable embryos there are, putting them one step closer to conception and parenthood. Sensing Robbo’s unease, Tori questions his commitment but he assures her he is still behind this 100%. Back at the Morgan house, Robbo fusses over Tori as her big brother Justin (James Stewart) gets back – and he’s struck by their growing bond…

Meanwhile, Jasmine offloads to pal Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) about how she can’t help but worry she and Robbo will drift apart if Tori actually falls pregnant, after witnessing a tender moment between them in hospital and fleeing the scene to avoid them. Are Jasmine’s fears unfounded? And could her paranoia develop into full-on obsessive behaviour as threesome continue their awkward arrangement?

Why is Home and Away not on until 2019?

After this week the Aussie soap will be taking its annual break from the Channel 5 schedules, and will return in early 2019. The show usually disappears from screens towards the end of the year to accommodate its break in Australia where it also goes off air for the festive period. The episode showing on Friday 23 November (Thursday 22 November on 5STAR) will be the last of this year – Channel 5 have yet to confirm when it will be back, but it’s expected to be some time in January 2019.


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