Neighbours teases Finn’s return – and Gary’s revenge!

Ramsay Street's Damien Richardson previews the bad boy's comeback

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Neighbours villain Finn Kelly is still on the run after trying to kill four of Ramsay Street’s residents, but Gary Canning gets a lead on the bad boy’s whereabouts next week and plans a very personal revenge.


Fiendish Finn drove a car at Xanthe Canning before locking professional nemesis Susan Kennedy and ex-girlfriends Elly Conway and her sister Bea Nilsson in a shipping container and leaving them for dead. He’s not been seen for months, but on Thursday 1 November Gary gets word from his criminal contacts on a potential hiding place.

Informing the police, they check out a remote cabin in the countryside owned by Finn’s ex-wife’s parents and determine the toxic teacher was there recently, but has since moved on. While Bea seeks out the ex for herself, Gary contemplates turning vigilante and hunting down the man who almost murdered his daughter alone… spoke to Damien Richardson, who plays Gary, to discuss the vendetta and his surprise romance with his arch-enemy’s daughter.


How does Gary feel when he gets this tip-off about where Finn could be?
The community was so badly burned by Finn’s actions, when Gary gets an opportunity to find him he takes that responsibility on board. He confides in Amy he will scope out this joint he could be hiding in.

What would Gary do if he came face-to-face with Finn?
He wants to take justice into his own hands. I think if Finn comes back into the show, Gary will not be able to let go what he did to Xanthe.

Is he not worried about the consequences? It could be dangerous…
Gary is not the most clued-up character, is he? And he never seems to learn from his mistakes. Sometimes when I’m reading the scripts I’m like ‘What’s going on mate? Don’t you know this isn’t going to end well?!’ But that’s the character and his flaws, which is the fun of playing him too. The audience seem to root for him regardless, I have to keep trusting why people like this guy!

Gary’s romance with Amy falters this week when their first time in the bedroom is a bit of a let-down…
He’s so disappointed because he’s really keyed up – he’s cooked a beautiful meal, the candles are out – it’s on like donkey kong… but goes wrong! He pulls out his old move, the limber ladybird, which Amy knows he’s used on other people. It’s awkward! Zoe (Cramond, aka Amy) and I got to do some really funny stuff. I think fans will love it, we’ve all been there!


Is it strange to now be doing love scenes with Zoe now your characters are dating?
We work very well together, and there is real chemistry with us. We can slip into comedy, she is really good comically, or flick the switch into the drama and do some really satisfying emotional stuff.

Do you think Gary is only with her to annoy Paul?
I hadn’t thought of that but what a great idea! I’ll mention it to the writers… No, it’s genuine. The long-term reason to get Gary and Amy together is linked to the fact they’re talking to Chris Milligan about getting him back as Kyle, Gary’s son, which could be happening next year. As Kyle was Amy’s boyfriend it gives the potential for some good drama there. So if we hook the audience in with Gary and Amy now, we then add the Kyle factor! I imagine Sheila will stick her oar in and blame Amy for causing trouble for her precious boys!

Is it all really over for Gary and Terese?
In a way Terese felt like a mis-match for Gary as she is quite a high roller compared to this working class guy. He’s not as aspirational and always felt inadequate and not good enough for her. But Amy is from a similar world as Gary, she’s working class, she’s a tradey, it’s more believable. I love working with Bek (Rebekah Elmaloglou, aka Terese) and who could say it’s all over, you can never tell with Neighbours. And she’s got her toy boy Leo now, I can’t get her away from him!


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