Watch the new Hollyoaks storm week trailer

Get a sneak preview of the chaos ahead

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Hollyoaks has released a brand new trailer teasing the devastation and destruction ahead for storm week, as the village is hit by a freak weather event that puts lives in danger and causes all sorts of chaos against the backdrop of Ste Hay and Harry Thompson’s wedding day.


The clip shows the wind picking up as the outdoor ceremony takes place, with James Nightingale threatening to expose his affair with Harry in the most public way possible. Also out to ruin the big day is Ste’s ex Sinead O’Connor, marking the much-discussed return of Stephanie Davis to the cast three years after she left amidst reports of unruly behaviour on set.

Sinead hitches a lift to the nuptials with Sami Maalik, but the end of the trailer shows the pair have hit something in his car – but who, or what, are they looking at as they gasp in horror at something approaching?

Romeo Quinn and Lily McQueen are caught in the disaster as he declares his love for his best friend’s wife out on the jetty as rain lashes down, while Tegan Lomax desperately searches for missing daughter Rose who is glimpsed hiding in the Hutch restaurant, terrified.

At one point, Tony Hutchinson shouts: “Look out!” while he calls the emergency services, and we see someone trapped underwater with their leg caught on a rope – it’s not a Hollyoaks stunt week without at least one death, so could any of the above characters be a casualty of the storm?

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The action kicks off this Friday 19 October on E4 and continues all next week.


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