Emmerdale exit shock: Cain leaves the village

Tormented by his killer secret the Dingle bad boy does a runner


Emmerdale‘s Cain Dingle has made a shock exit from the village as he struggles with the dark secret he believes he killed Joe Tate, abandoning wife Moira and his family when when they need him the most.


Since last week’s killer twist that saw Joe despatched after Cain punched him for jilting daughter Debbie, only for the Tate tycoon to smack his head on a rock as he fell to the ground seemingly killing him instantly, the Dingle hard man has been a shadow of his former self as he struggles with the consequences of his violent outburst.

Of course Cain didn’t really murder Joe, he was still alive when Graham Foster drove him off in the boot of his car to presumably finish the job himself – and we still don’t know if he’s really dead – but Home Farm’s brooding butler is letting his accomplice continue to think he took a life to assuage his own guilt and absolve himself of blame.

With the Dingle daddy already stumbling over his cover story during an encounter with the cops investigating Joe’s disappearance, tonight’s episode (Wednesday 17 October) saw Moira increasingly concerned for her other half’s state of mind as he appeared distant and defeated, uninterested in helping to get Debbie out of prison or visit granddaughter Sarah Sugden following her life-saving heart transplant.


Opening up about feeling powerless, and making veiled references about letting the family down and fearing they’d see him “for who I really am,” haunted Cain was seen at the end of the episode leaving a note for Moira that read: ‘Got to go away for a while, clear my head, sorry’ before sneaking out of Butler’s Farm with a packed bag. Has guilt driven him to walk out on Moira for good?

Actually, no, because Emmerdale have already revealed he’s back in the village next week for the funeral of sister Chas’s baby girl Grace. But groundwork is definitely being laid for Cain to slowly unravel – ad it could be a case of ‘who cracks first’, as Graham is also losing it as evidenced from his tearful breakdown on Monday when listening to Joe’s final voicemail telling his manservant how much he meant to him.


Speaking to RadioTimes.com about Cain’s future, actor Jeff Hordley teased the dramatic dynamic between his character and Graham as suspicion grows about Joe’s whereabouts. “Cain likes to be in control, and he’s really out of his depth here, so Graham is going to be driving it and covering it up.

“Believe it or not Cain has never killed anyone, and personally I’m glad he didn’t murder Joe because that would maybe mean the end of the character – killers always get their comeuppance. Although Moira is still here isn’t she?”


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