EastEnders: Ruby to report her rape – but does Martin believe her?

Martin will be left feeling conflicted about events

EastEnders - October - December 2018 - 5797

The aftermath of Ruby’s rape on EastEnders will see Martin and Stacey undergoing police questioning after the crime is reported. But where do Martin’s loyalties really lie? Last night, viewers saw Ruby partying at Martin’s school reunion at the E20, but in the episode to be screened this evening, the disturbing details of what went on after the event start to emerge.


Ruby will be seen revealing that she went home in the company Ross and slept with him, but when she woke up, his friend Matt was on top of her. Horrified Stacey urges Ruby to report the incident as sexual assault to the police, while Ross and Matt will be seen telling Martin a different version of events, in which they insist the encounters with Ruby were consensual. As the drama continues, a debate rages as the two sides of the story collide.

Next week’s drama will begin with Ruby turning up at the Slaters’ to show Stacey some nasty comments she’s received online. Stacey is livid and has a go at Martin, convinced that his friends are behind it. After Martin leaves, a fired-up Stacey tries to persuade Ruby once again to go to the police, but as they head off to the station, the pair are unaware that Martin has learned some new information about the events on that pivotal night.

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EastEnders isn’t yet revealing what it is that Martin has discovered, but it’s initially enough to deter Ruby from reporting what happened. But after a heart to heart with Stacey in which she explains her own past experiences, an emboldened Ruby eventually does decide to make her statement.

Later in the week, Stacey learns that she and Martin also need to undergo questioning – but the pressure is mounting for Martin, who is growing increasingly conflicted about the situation.

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By the end of next week, Martin will have been left further confused when he heads to the Queen Vic and meets up with Ross, who tries to defend himself after showing his mate a text he has received from Ruby. After Ross leaves, Stacey then arrives with Ruby, who wants to buy Martin a drink to say thank you for giving his statement. But is Martin now starting to believe his friends’ version of events rather than Ruby’s?


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