EastEnders: Ruby reveals rape trauma in Tuesday’s episode

Tonight's instalment of the BBC1 soap focuses on sexual consent

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Tonight’s EastEnders will focus solely on its sexual consent storyline as Ruby Allen slowly comes to the realisation that she has been raped.


The morning after the school reunion party at the E20 sees Ross, Matt and Glenn meet with Martin for the breakfast they’d arranged to have, while Ruby visits Stacey, who is keen to find out what happened after she and Martin left the club.

As the two women head out, they stop off at the local chemist, where Stacey overhears Ruby asking for the morning after pill. Stacey senses something is wrong and invites Ruby back home, where she learns that her friend slept with Ross before passing out. However, Ruby tells Stacey that when she woke up, Matt was on top of her.

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Posted by BBC EastEnders on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Meanwhile, Martin’s friends will also be seen sharing their version of events, with Martin learning that Ruby slept with Ross and Matt. But when Martin questions his friends’ actions, they tell him what happened was consensual.

Tuesday’s cliffhanger scene then finds Ruby blaming herself for being drunk, while Stacey tries to comfort her and insists that she did nothing wrong – she was raped.

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Speaking recently about this evening’s drama, actress Louisa Lytton – who plays Ruby – said:

“The story is told from two sides and will show how differently we think of sexual experiences and what was right, what was wrong, what should and shouldn’t have happened.

“The boys tell Martin Ruby was up for it and had sex with two guys, but Ruby only consented to sleeping with one of them.”


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