Leyla’s Emmerdale comeback storyline revealed

Actress Roxy Shahidi is back on screens next week


David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) is in of a shock on next week’s Emmerdale when his former flame Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi)  turns up out of the blue – and it really couldn’t come at a worse time.


With current girlfriend Maya Stepney having just been made homeless, David will be seen inviting her to live with him. But the next day, David will be seen hearing a noise upstairs and, believing it to be Maya, he decides to investigate. However, David then gets a complete shock when he finds himself face to face with a blast from the past: Leyla!


Pretty soon, David lands himself in hot water with Maya, who we reckon won’t be too enamoured by the sight of Leyla and David sitting together on the same bed. And then there’s Tracy, who, of course, blames Leyla for the breakdown of her marriage. Not surprisingly, Tracy and Leyla will be coming to blows very soon indeed, as clothes and possessions are chucked outside onto the street!


Speaking recently to Metro about how Tracy reacts to the sight of Leyla’s reappearance, actress Amy Walsh said: “I don’t think Tracy will bite her tongue – she will say it like it is. She was really hurt by Leyla’s behaviour – friendship is very important to Tracy, for all of her faults, she is very loyal. So I think there will be some arguments where Leyla’s concerned, for sure!”


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