Neighbours: Bonnie Anderson teases Bea and Ned romance – and Finn’s return!

Bea rejects Ned after a passionate kiss next week


Neighbours has been teasing fans with the ‘will they? Won’t they?’ dynamic between Bea Nilssen and Ned Willis, but next week the pair finally look like they’re heading for romance as a declaration of love leads to a passionate kiss – sadly, however, it’s over before it’s begun for the star-crossed would-be lovers.


On Monday 1 October, Ned pulls out the stops and organises for the Erinsborough botanical gardens to be decked out in beautiful lights for maximum wooing effect as he confesses his feelings for Bea go deeper than friendship. Caught in the moment they kiss, but troubled Bea is still recovering from being manipulated by evil ex-boyfriend Finn Kelly, and she tells Ned she’s not ready for a relationship… caught up with Bonnie Anderson, who plays Bea, to find out whether she can ever find happiness with Ned, solving Ramsay Street’s big murder mystery, and the potential future return of fiendish Finn…

How does Ned’s big declaration come about?
Bea mistakenly thinks he fancies Yashvi, as she sees them playing football together and they seem quite touchy feely. She’s struck by how jealous she feels seeing her best friend and someone she is so close to makes her feel and confronts Ned, but he is unaware Yashvi has this big crush on him. Bea holds back on being honest about how she feels about him as she’s scared of commitment, but he explains to Bea she’s got it wrong and they for one of their nighttime walks – ending up in a romantic spot in the botanical gardens which are all lit up…

What is Bea’s reaction when he tells her he’s falling for her?
He says this mystery person he’s been thinking about a lot is actually Bea and he really wants to be with her! He grabs her, they gives her a big kiss and it’s a beautiful, romantic moment. It’s so cute. Unfortunately it’s too overwhelming for her, and because of the stuff she’s been through in the past she runs off!


Does Ned understand why she does this?
Ned is a super beautiful guy and is understanding about the Finn stuff and the scars it has left her with. Bea is very grown up and honest about how crazy she is and how she can’t handle stuff, so they stay friends. He sticks by her and knows the timing isn’t right, but Ned is not going to keep hanging on forever – there is a lot of push and pull, but I believe that one day they will come together!

Will fans be disappointed Bea rejects Ned?
I hope they still love the relationship, they’ve got a cool connection, and Ben (Hall, aka Ned) and I have a great friendship we hope comes across on screen. There’s still lots to come for Bea and Ned, it’s not the end of the story so I’d say stick with it!

Also this week Ned and Bea are teaming up to expose Cassius…
Bea has been weak and vulnerable for so long, but this gives her power and a chance to get something positive done. She sees the parallels of her situation with Finn, which completely shook her self-confidence, in Piper being duped by Cassius, so exposing Cassius gives her some vicarious closure on her own issues from the past. She’s got her guts back and will do whatever it takes! Ned is by her side, they both have lived on the wrong side of the tracks and are pretty sharp.


Are there any plans for Debra Lawrance to return as Bea’s mum, Liz?
She pops her head back in after going to the retreat to sort her life out and claims she’s changed – but has she?! Bea and Elly are never happy to see her, Liz just ruins everything. She’s a selfish mum, a selfish sister to Susan, a selfish person… all sorts of selfishness comes from that woman! But Debra plays it so well, and there’s lots of drama to come between Liz and her daughters. Don’t feel sorry for her!

Will we see Finn again after he escaped the police?
Finn hasn’t been seen since he vanished, but Elly is still intrigued about where he is. She can’t stop her little crusades so she goes to meet someone close to Finn to try and discover his whereabouts… If they were to meet again that would be very interesting. Bea has got a lot stronger and has had time to figure things out. It would be scary for both of them!


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