Hollyoaks affair reveal: “Nancy will rip Darren’s life apart!” – Jessica Fox teases revenge plot

The star promises payback as Darren and Mandy's fling is exposed


Hollyoaks’ Nancy Osborne has her life turned upside down next week when she finally discovers the affair between husband Darren and best mate Mandy Morgan. The betrayal has been going on under the schoolteacher’s nose since January, and as the saucy secret is exposed recriminations fly and the far-reaching consequences are quickly felt for both marriages.


Fans have been waiting for Nancy to find out about Daz’s dalliance and wondering how she’ll react, so we caught up with Jessica Fox, who plays the wronged wife, to discuss her character’s revenge. It’s going to be brutal…

Are you pleased Nancy has finally found out about the affair?
I am very happy, this has been going on for a long time! Darren has made her feel pretty awful throughout this, she thought it was her fault that he didn’t fancy her then she finds out he’s  been carrying on with another woman. It’s a real slap in the face, literally as Nancy slaps Mandy!

Does Nancy confront Mandy immediately?
The slap comes moments after she finds out. Mandy says some pretty insensitive things and winds Nancy up as she’s just had her world blown apart. Rather than using words she uses her right hand instead! Nancy has supported Mandy through the breakdown of her own marriage to Luke and thought she was one of her closest friends, then she tells her she was actually  going to run away with her  husband.


Darren thinks there’s still hope, what gives him that impression?
They’ve been through so many ups and downs, been married three times, so he probably thinks he can get away with pretty much anything by smiling, saying something funny and dressing up in a funny costume. But after gambling, going to prison for drug dealing, hiding dead bodies, and now humiliating her in front of everyone – this just might be the last straw…

Do you think Nancy should forgive Darren?
For myself as a woman, no – absolutely not! She should get rid and take him for every penny, put him in some stocks and throw tomatoes at him! He deserves to be really punished and learn that everything he’s taken for granted is about to be taken away. Nancy immediately wants him to pack his bags and get out of her life. But there is a nagging doubt of still loving him, of having family and wondering if they could work through this… She has a moment of weakness.


Does she consider staying together for the kids’ sake? They’ve just fostered Brooke…
Nancy doesn’t want to be a single parent, but sometimes that is just for the best. Moving forward, not being together might mean a more stable, happy home for Brooke and the other children.

What is the future of Nancy’s relationship with Mandy? 
She is not going to be her number one fan! One thing I was conscience of in affair storylines is how much I hate it when women go after women, it’s so obvious. Lots of fans only blame Mandy. Darren is the one who’s lied over and over again, Nancy will hate Mandy but her blame is firmly on Darren. I always joke that Darren can do a million and one horrible things to Nancy, but if she asks him to do the washing up I get a tweet saying: ‘She’s a nag! She deserves it!’ It’s baffling!


What kind of revenge will Nancy be planning?
There is most definitely payback. Her initial reaction is to figure out the worst things she can do to Darren and rip his life apart. Nancy actually turns to Sienna Blake of all people for advice and lessons on revenge! However, Nancy isn’t a bad person and is not violent at her core, so her conscience might get the better of her.

Is this really it for Nancy and Darren as a couple?
At the moment I would say their love story is very much over. They’ll always be in each others’ lives because of the kids. Plus they’re going to have to argue over who gets Jack! For the time being, I can’t see them getting back together.


Were you worried about the characters splitting up being a change dynamic for you on the show?
It’s always weird when they split you up the person you spend more time with than anyone else in your life! Ashley (Taylor Dawson, aka Darren) and I know exactly what the other is thinking, but I’m looking at it as an exciting new chapter – I’m going to interact with new characters I’ve not played with before, and work with actors I’ve not had the opportunity work with. It’s the emancipation of Nancy!

Did you hope Nancy and Luke might have a revenge affair?
I’ve had lots of tweets about that, but sadly we’ve lost Gary Lucy who plays him to The Full Monty tour now, so I don’t see that happening! But if they’d got together would it have been a bit predictable? And Nancy just be trading seats on the Titanic, going from a gambler to an alcoholic? I think she can do better…


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