Emmerdale: Moria reveals that she’s a murderer – how will Matty and Victoria react? (Spoilers)

Emma's killer confesses all


Secrets never stay buried for too long in soapland – with Emmerdale’s Moira Dingle providing the latest proof that the truth will always come out. Viewers, of course, are fully aware that Moira was the one responsible for Emma’s untimely death and that Adam took the rap for his mum’s actions, deciding to go on the run – and leave wife Victoria – rather than spend his future behind bars.


Now, Moira’s cover-up is set to be exposed – with the woman herself set to incriminate herself by revealing who was really responsible for Emma’s fatal fall.


The upcoming drama sees Moira consider telling Matty about what went on, in the belief that he deserves to know all about her homicidal past. But she ends up blurting out the full facts sooner than she’d planned after catching Matty and Victoria having a passionate kiss.

Shocked at the sight of her son kissing his brother’s wife, Moira tells the pair the truth about Emma and the fact that it was her and not Adam. But how will Matty react to his killer mum’s confession? And will Victoria take the news?


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