Coronation Street: Steve caught cheating – with Abi? Simon Gregson interview

"It makes him doubt if he is ready to settle down with Tracy" reveals the star


As he approaches yet another wedding, Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald is caught doing the dirty on fiancee Tracy Barlow next week after mistakenly thinking she’s given him the go-ahead for a night of no-strings passion with another woman ahead of their big day.


Obviously, Steve has got completely the wrong end of the stick about Tracy’s offer of a ‘free pass’, but a moment of intimacy with Abi Franklin sets off a chain of events that lead to Tracy’s brother Peter finding Steve up to no good, with the whole sorry business planting a further seed of doubt into Mr McDonald’s mind about whether he should be remarrying fourth wife Tracy again in the first place.

Simon Gregson tells us how Steve gets himself into this mess, and whether there is any way out!

How is Steve feeling in the build-up to his wedding to Tracy?
You know what Steve is like, anything for a quiet life. He has got swept along with it and never really thinks much further ahead than that evening’s tea! He doesn’t worry about consequences, he lives in the moment as long as it is not causing him any hassle and is basically going along with everything Tracy says.

Does he genuinely care about Tracy?
He does have feelings for her. Steve isn’t very good at being on his own and seems to gravitate towards strong, opinionated women. I think he finds them sexy and whilst they are doing all the thinking he doesn’t really need to! Him and Tracy go way back and there is genuine affection there, but that doesn’t stop it being a volatile relationship.


Do you think they make a good team?
When they are pulling together they are very strong, with Jim coming back into his life he and Tracy joined forces, and nearly exposed Hannah but were outwitted. They also really fancy each other which is what is at the root of it. And I think it’s good he’s trying to have a relationship with one of the mothers of his children!

Is he surprised when Tracy offers him a ‘free pass’ one night?
Surprised? He is absolutely gobsmacked! Because he has been disappearing off to these secret dance lessons, Tracy is worried he is going off her so she is really spoiling him, trying to prove she cares. She runs him a bath and gives him a massage. Steve is enjoying it but a bit wary of what is going on, but then he finds a note giving him a ‘free pass’ and his mind is blown.


Tracy actually means a pass for the spa at their wedding venue, how has Steve misunderstood?!
Tracy writes the note on the back of the actual free pass for the spa, but he doesn’t turn it over and then when she asks him if he is going to take her up on it he genuinely thinks she means he can sleep with someone before the wedding!

Why does Steve keep making such stupid mistakes?
He just goes through life cocking things up and he never learns. Even Tim warns him it might be a trap, it isn’t so much a misunderstanding, more that Steve hasn’t thought it through. If he did he would realise that there is no way Tracy would allow him anywhere near another woman!

Nonetheless that is what he thinks – so who has he got his eye on?
Steve has been spending a lot of time with Abi at their dance classes and they have been getting on well, so he thinks this could be his opportunity!


Should Steve be marrying Tracy if he’s tempted to sleep with someone else?
This whole free pass thing makes him doubt if he is ready to settle down with Tracy. He loves women, they are his downfall, and whilst he is talking about how he feels about Tracy to another woman one thing leads to another…

Then he’s caught out once more – what happens?
Peter is the worst possible person to discovers him getting up to no good, as Tracy is his sister. Steve is desperate for Peter to keep quiet and he wants to get to the wedding day without Tracy finding out. It is going to be a stressful time for Steve again. If Tracy gets wind of this, it doesn’t bear thinking about!


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