Did Emmerdale just kill off Rebecca White? (Spoilers)

What does Robert's big discovery mean for Rebecca?

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Emmerdale fans have been left with big questions about the fate of Rebecca White tonight after Robert Sugden made a shock discovery in the closing seconds of Monday’s episode. As viewers know, Rebecca has – up until today – been held against her will by a sinister nurse, who is in the pay of killer Lachlan White.


With the nurse having learned that Rebecca is now considered to be a missing person following the arrest of Lachlan, she decided to take decisive action, approaching her patient with a loaded syringe…

While all this was going on, Robert was paying Lachlan a prison visit in a last-ditch attempt to extract information about Rebecca’s whereabouts. After Lachlan finally disclosed the vital information, Robert raced round to the room where Rebecca was being held, only to be met by the sight of blood, discarded chains and an empty hospital bed. All of which leaves us with one big unanswered question: is Rebecca alive or dead?


“In that moment, Robert is certain that it’s too late,” says actor Ryan Hawley. “He’s in a state of shock and calls the police straight away. By this point, Robert is convinced that Lachlan was playing games all along.”

In a state of despair, Robert will next be seen heading to the Woolpack pub to tell his nearest and dearest about what he’s witnessed. The pub goers then raise a glass to Rebecca, now feared to be the last of Lachlan’s victims. But will the full truth about her disappearance come to light? Let’s hope some answers are coming soon…


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