Emmerdale: Lachlan arrested – but will he reveal where Rebecca is?

Bex's fate remains a mystery as the killer is finally caught by the cops

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Emmerdale serial killer Lachlan White has finally been caught by the cops, but the twisted teen is refusing to reveal the fate of missing relative Rebecca unless officers tell him injured girlfriend Belle Dingle’s fate. Will the police enter into a deal with the with the vicious villager?


The second of tonight’s dramatic double bill (Thursday 6 September) saw Belle flee from her gruesome boyfriend’s clutches who had abducted her with the intention of fleeing the country, following his confession to a string of grisly murders including his mum Chrissie, granddad Lawrence and best friend Gerry Roberts.

As Belle ran through the woods and into a country road, she was run over by Robert Sugden and Ross Barton who were speeding along in search of Lachlan and his hostage.


Stumbling across his beloved Belle unconscious and bloodied in the road, horrified Lucky feared she was dead and held Rob and Ross at gunpoint, furious they caused the accident and taunting them about his aunt Rebecca’s whereabouts.

Emergency services finally got to the scene and as Belle woke up whispering Lachlan’s name, the wicked White teen was at last apprehended by the police while Ms Dingle was stretchered off into an ambulance. Later in hospital, big brother Cain was by her side and informed her cousin Sam was also okay, after Lachlan attacked him earlier in the week when he found him with the dead body of Paul Tozer and the callous crimes began to unravel.


Told by officers he was facing four murder charges, GBH, kidnapping and false imprisonment, Lachlan’s request for news on Belle was refused – until he offered to explain what really happened to Rebecca if they co-operated…

Using Bex’s mysterious fate as leverage, has Lachlan got the cops where he wants them? What other demands will he make? And is Rebecca actually dead? Next week sees Ross go off the rails as he fears he’s lost Bex for good, while a shrine is erected to the lost villager as police search for a body at Home Farm… How long until we know what went on?


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