Emmerdale spoilers: will Lachlan shoot Robert?

Cliffhanger scenes saw Mr Sugden in big jeopardy

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Emmerdale fans have been left fearing the future of Robert Sugden thanks to cliffhanger scenes that saw him being stalked by a shotgun-toting Lachlan White. But will the village murderer end up taking Robert’s life and adding to his increasingly high body count?


Tuesday’s episode of the ITV soap saw Lachlan coercing Belle into leaving with him, despite her brother Sam lying in a bloodied, unconscious state on the floor of the Dingles’ home thanks to his actions. With the scales having now fallen from Belle’s eyes about what Lachlan has been up to, she was understandably distressed at the prospect of hitting the road in his company.

Events then took an unexpected turn when Robert turned up at Wishing Well Cottage and knocked on the front door, only to hear Lachlan trying to stifle Belle’s screams. In a last-ditch attempt to cover his tracks, Lachlan then took hold of firearm and went off to silence Robert, who – by this point – was attempting to hide in a nearby barn…

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Emmerdale isn’t yet revealing the outcome of Lachlan’s rampage, though storyline spoilers published for next week reveal that Robert is still in the land of the living, though under increasing pressure after learning that the police are looking for a body up at Home Farm. After seeing that a shrine has been started for a still-missing Rebecca, an obsessed Robert angrily trashes out before heading out in search of her.


But in a shock twist, it’s Robert’s life that ends up hanging in the balance when he becomes woozy, collapses and starts to fit. As Liv rings for a doctor, Aaron panics with no idea what to do. Can Robert’s life be saved?


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