Coronation Street: Audrey kidnapped after reuniting with Lewis!

"This could be her last chance at happiness," reveals Sue Nicholls


Coronation Street con man Lewis Archer is out of prison and back in the arms of ex-lover Audrey Roberts next week, much to the horror of her furious family who stage an intervention to keep the hairdresser away from the slippery silver fox.


Scared of daughter Gail Rodwell’s reaction to letting Lewis back in her bed, despite him giving her £40,000 to atone for the money he stole from her all those years ago, Aud keeps quiet about the romantic reunion but her suspicious relative ends up sneaking round to her house convinced something fishy is afoot.

Sure enough, Gail spies her mum and Lewis canoodling through the window at Grasmere Drive and ends up locking her in the salon on Friday 24 August until Mrs Roberts sees sense. Street veteran Sue Nicholls gives the lowdown on this scandalous development in Audrey’s colourful love life…


How has Audrey felt since Lewis came back into her life?
Although a few years had passed and even though she thought she was well out of it, when she was faced with him after he was revealed as helping Rosemary defraud Gail, she realised the feelings had not gone away. It’s unfinished business for Audrey. That’s why she visited him in prison, she was curious and wanted to see if there was anything still there.

Does she believe him when he says he’s turned over a new leaf and is paying for his crimes?
She wants to, and remember Audrey herself never really lost out money-wise from what Lewis did. Seeing him again certainly reignites the flame, but she knows Gail’s feelings on the matter as she is outspoken against Lewis, hence she doesn’t tell her.

Is Audrey just lonely or is this about her specific feelings for Lewis?
I hope it comes over that it’s Lewis, not just any man she wants. Once she realises there are feelings still there, and not a silly crush, she can’t do anything about it. He may be the wrong person for her and she has probably had a little talk with herself, but she thinks she has to take chance. She’s 78 and might not get another chance at love so she can’t think too much about Gail’s opinion.

How does Gail find out Audrey is seeing Lewis again?
Audrey concocts a story about going on a cruise when actually she and Lewis are holed up at Grasmere Drive, and Claudia – who is supportive of her friend – is the only one that knows the truth. Gail discovers the cruise is a lie and heads to her mum’s place – Audrey and Lewis are having a lovely evening and are about to have a little dance together when Audrey sees Gail’s face peering through the window! It was very funny to film.


Is she surprised at her family’s negative reaction?
She knew it wasn’t going to be easy to tell them and wasn’t brave enough to say anything. Audrey probably wanted to see how it was going herself before she said something, but now the genie is out of the bottle.

Is she angry about the intervention in the salon?
She is past being angry by then, she had told Gail she wants her on her side and that she wants her approval as it might be her last chance of happiness, which forces her to choose. David comes home from his holiday and finds out and they ‘kidnap’ her. Audrey doesn’t care what people think, but is fed up with being treated like she is daft and doesn’t know what she is doing!

Does Gail’s judgmental attitude upset Audrey?
Gail harps on about what Lewis did to her, but when the kerfuffle happened years ago Gail knew that Audrey was having a relationship with him and it was actually quite a serious affair. He might have done wrong to Gail but Audrey was wronged by both of them and hurt the most, so Gail shouldn’t really have the moral high ground on this one. Maybe Audrey will tell her that!


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