Emmerdale: Lydia is the victim of a violent attack – the perpetrator REVEALED

A dash to hospital leaves Lydia with some worrying medical news


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Emmerdale - Ep 821819

Tuesday 31st July 2018

Sam decides to come clean to his son and tells him the truth. Samson Dingle [SAM HALL] is shocked and accuses him of murdering his mum. Lydia [KAREN BLICK] tries to talk Samson round but he lashes out and accidentally pushes her down the stairs. 

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An admission from Sam Dingle in next week’s Emmerdale about his tragic past will be the catalyst for a dramatic chain of events that leads to Lydia being pushed down the stairs. But could further trauma be in store for Lydia after she’s rushed to hospital?


The upcoming drama sees Samson decide to do a fun run in memory of his late mum Alice. But when a local journalist gets in touch, dad Sam panics and tells Lydia that he helped Alice to die and is now scared that Samson will find out. As long-time viewers will recall, a terminally ill Alice asked Sam to help end her life back in 2006 with a lethal supply of morphine.


Now, Sam will be seen coming clean to his son and telling him the truth, only for Samson to be left shocked and accuse Sam of murdering his mum. “It’s a very tough thing to hear that your dad’s been involved in your mum’s eventual death,” says James Hooton, who plays Sam. “He can’t quite compute what his dad has done and why. So there’s an immediate disconnect and he runs away.”


Lydia then tries to talk Samson round, but he ends up lashing out and accidentally sends her flying down the stairs. An emergency dash to the hospital sees Sam left anxious as he waits for news on Lydia, but little does he realise that she is starting to panic as the doctor examines a suspicious mole on her leg.

Worried about how Sam will react, Lydia covers her worries. Says actress Karen Blick: “Lydia is referred to a specialist and initially decides to keep this information to herself. All this is playing out alongside the anniversary of Alice’s death, so there is a sense of history repeating itself.”

But Sam will soon become aware that something isn’t right when he, Samson and Lydia pay a visit to Alice’s grave the very next day. As the conversation turns to Alice’s cancer, Lydia visibly struggles – is the truth about her own medical worries set to be revealed?

“Lydia can see the impact that Alice’s loss has had on both of them and what they’ve been through in the intervening years,” adds Blick. “She doesn’t feel that she can put them through all that again. But you’ll have to wait and see what decision Lydia ends up making.”


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