Coronation Street: Gemma to run the Rovers? “I’m chuffed to bits!” teases Dolly-Rose Campbell

Henry Newton has an offer his ex may not be able to refuse…


Coronation Street’s Gemma Winter could soon be hanging up her kebab shop apron and taking on the most prestigious job on the cobbles – landlady of the Rovers Return!


Ex-boyfriend Henry Newton comes crawling back to Weatherfield next week begging for another chance after he broke the heart of the Prima Doner princess when she discovered he’d only dated her for a cruel bet with his rich pals. To prove he’s serious, he reveals he’s buying the Rovers and wants her to run it with him!

The toff’s timing couldn’t be worse as Gem’s lovesick best mate Chesney Brown is just about to reveal he’s in love with his crazy colleague – will Gemma and Ches ever get it on? Or will she be swayed by Henry’s offer of being the next Bet Lynch? Dolly-Rose Campbell teases what could be the biggest week of her gobby alter ego’s life…

Has Gemma ever  thought of Chesney as anything more than a mate?
Yes, it did go through her mind after she broke up with Henry but when Fiz said that he seemed embarrassed at the idea Gemma took that to mean that he wasn’t interested. Other people can see they’d make a good pairing but for many reasons it hasn’t happened. There is always an obstacle.

When Chesney asks her out for lunch what does she think?
She doesn’t read anything into it, she just thinks he is being a mate and trying to cheer her up because she sees on social media Henry has got engaged.

Is she genuinely upset about Henry?
Yes, she kept her hopes up and did still dare to think something might happen between them. She knew it started out as a bet but wants to believe he has feelings for her. But Gemma doesn’t have an awful lot of confidence so to hear he has got engaged to a posh girl is a real blow to her self-esteem.


What happens when Henry arrives in the bistro while she’s lunching with Ches?
Chesney is just  about to tell Gemma how he feels when Henry arrives out of the blue! Viewers will be shouting at their TV for Chesney to not let Henry muscle back in. The thing I am asked the most when I am out and about is if Chesney and Gemma will be a couple – personally I like the fun of will they/won’t they bubbling along for now.

What does Henry say?
He tells her his parents forced him to get engaged or they’ll disinherit him, and he wasn’t happy about it as he is still in love with Gemma. She isn’t sure whether to believe him and ends up telling him to get lost. In the end he tries to impress her with the grand romantic gesture of offering to buy the Rovers for them both to run as a business.


Will that convince her?
It could, not out of being materialistic but just out of realising that if he is willing to do that he must care. But she is terrified of being let down again.

Can their romance work despite the class divide?
It would be interesting if Gemma and Henry got together, a bit like My Fair Lady. I don’t know if she could be changed though, she is set in her ways and he likes how real and grounded she is, and the fact she is not after his money.

After what happened last time, can she trust Henry?
He didn’t come in with the best intentions regarding Gemma, but this grand gesture could show he does care and wants to make a life with her. But there is something else going on and she probably should be wary of him…


Did you ever think when you joined the show you would potentially be landlady of the Rovers?
Gemma from the Dog and Gun running the Rovers… no I would never in my wildest dreams think that could happen! Even when I got the scripts I didn’t believe it, I was chuffed to bits. Jack and Vera Duckworth were my favourite landlord and landlady, no one would have ever thought they could do it but they did.

Who do you think Gemma should choose – Henry or Chesney?
Gemma should take care of herself and do what is right for her. She is a strong character, she knows who she is has a big heart, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be fooled from time to time. She comes from the wrong side of the tracks and wants to prove herself. Gemma looks at other women on the street such as Liz and she wants to be like that, so to have the opportunity to prove her worth would mean the world. It should be more about that than being defined by what man she chooses.


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