EastEnders: Carmel tells Keegan she wishes he was dead – and then cancels Shakil’s funeral!

The traumatised Kazemi matriarch lashed out tonight

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Grieving Carmel Kazemi has lashed out at Keegan Baker in tonight’s EastEnders, telling him that she wishes he’d died instead of her son Shakil. The outburst came after Keegan was seen berating the Walford matriarch for not getting involved with the plans for Shakil’s funeral, with Carmel instead opting to visit the teen’s killer in prison.


Just as Carmel was about to venture behind bars, she was stopped in her tracks by Keegan who listed all the reasons why she shouldn’t be visiting Bruno. But as the pair argued, Carmel lost her temper in dramatic fashion and pointed the finger of blame at Keegan for Shakil’s tragic demise.

However, it was later revealed that Keegan’s words had resonated with Carmel, who ultimately decided that she couldn’t go ahead with the jail visit and rushed back to the Square. Yet more drama was to come, though, when Carmel finally turned up at the funeral parlour and told Jay that nobody was welcome at the upcoming service – she just wanted it to be her and Shakil.

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Friday’s episode of EastEnders will see the day of Shakil’s funeral dawn as Darius, Umar and Kush prepare for the emotional day ahead. And despite Carmel’s orders to Jay, Kush insists that the service will go ahead as planned. But Carmel ignores her son’s pleas to attend – and Denise and Kush soon discover that Carmel has gone missing.

As has now been revealed thanks to new images released by the BBC, Denise does manage to track Carmel down down and convince her to go to the church to say a final goodbye to Shakil. And in a first for EastEnders, real-life testimonies from people whose lives have been affected by knife crime will be featured as part of the send-off to Carmel’s youngest son.

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Speaking about the high-profile storyline experiment, star Davood Ghadami said recently: “It’s a step into the unknown. There was a sense of excitement, we didn’t know how it was going to be approached. There are formulas you follow as an actor which you’re used to, but with this we weren’t sure what to expect.”

Added Bonnie Langford: “As Davood says it was a jump into the unknown. When they told me I found it intriguing and exciting, but it was a strange dividing line and I wondered how we would separate art from real life.

“Soaps try and follow reality as much as possible, and as actors we’re not trying to pretend that we’re preaching in any way. But to put in these special true-life contributors adds gravitas – we’re not sensationalising something that is so difficult. Let this speak for itself. There is nothing more truthful, honest and heartbreaking. And it’s done with integrity and authenticity.”


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