Emmerdale reveals where Amelia is – but who is kidnapper Beth?

Is she connected to Daz's army killer past?


Emmerdale have finally revealed the whereabouts of missing schoolgirl Amelia Spencer, who appears to be safe and well and is being held in a house in nearby Hotten with a mysterious woman called Beth – but who is she, and is Dan’s daughter in danger?


Vanishing almost three weeks ago after learning the shock news her ‘uncle’ Daz was really her biological father – having had a one-night stand with her late mum, and brother Dan’s ex-wife, Ali – Amelia’s location has been the subject of an intense police search and kidnap case.

CCTV footage obtained last week showed Amelia with an unidentified woman, who the authorities believe masterminded the abduction through contact with the child on social media.

The finger of suspicion has pointed at Daz, as the username of the person speaking to Amelia in an online chat room was ‘Helmand2009’, a reference to Mr Spencer’s traumatic time in Afghanistan serving in the army. It was revealed tonight, Tuesday 19 June, in an hour-long episode that he accidentally killed a fellow soldier in a training exercise.


But the biggest surprise was the audience’s first sighting of Amelia since she disappeared following a furious row between Dan and Daz – earlier in the episode, Daz handed a flyer appealing for information on the missing girl to a young woman passing by. This same woman was then glimpsed in the final scene letting herself into a house in a rough-looking part of town to be greeted by Amelia, happy and relaxed on the sofa.

Amelia seemed to know the woman – named as ‘Beth’ in the credits – but as they excitedly planned what they were having for dinner that night, only viewers saw a flash of menace across her face having taken out Daz’s screwed-up flyer from her pocket…


Is she connected to Daz’s past, hence using the details of his army incident on the suspicious social media profile? Is she trying to frame Daz as revenge? Or could Beth be a secret Spencer family relative we didn’t know about until now? That may be another explanation as to why Amelia seems so comfortable in her company. Is she a long-lost auntie or cousin with a sinister agenda? Is Amelia in on some kind of sick scam?

Fans have been hotly debating their theories about Amelia’s disappearance, with many believing the storyline is inspired by the Shannon Matthews case from 2008, the notorious real life fake abduction staged by a young girl’s family for the reward money.


With Daz having much explaining to do and his family turning against him for hiding his killer secret, what will Beth’s next move be? And is Amelia in more danger than she thinks?


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