EastEnders: death shock for pregnant Kim – has Vincent’s body been found? Tameka Empson interview

Is Kim about to get tragic news?

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5722

Kim Fox-Hubbard will get an almighty shock on next week’s EastEnders when she’s asked to identify a body – has the corpse of her missing husband Vincent been found?


The upcoming drama will see Kim turn detective herself after seeking answers from the police about her husband’s sudden disappearance.

“She just wants to know what’s going on. She’s not giving up on Vincent, she does still love him because she still believes in love, she still believes in family, but I think she just wants to keep up appearances and keep things going – it’s not over yet,” says actress Tameka Empson.

As viewers know, the fate of Vincent remains unknown after he was bundled into a car and driven at speed away from the Square by associates of Aidan Maguire. But could this be the moment that we finally discover what happened to him?

Scenes to be shown on Monday 11 June will see Kim (who has only just discovered that she’s pregnant) find out that Vincent cleared out daughter Pearl’s savings account before vanishing. Believing this could be a clue that will lead her to him, Kim heads to the police station again to put them in the picture.

Eastenders -April-June 2018 - 5722

But when she arrives, a sergeant tells Kim that they have found an unidentified body matching Vincent’s description.

Adds Empson: “It’s a massive blow because that’s the last thing on her mind. But if the police say they’ve found somebody who looks identical to her husband, of course she’s going to have to go and see if this is him or not.

“So this has really rocked her world, she just wants to know where she stands. And that’s the thing with Kim, ultimately she needs to know where she stands.”

Show bosses are keeping full details of the discovery under wraps, but RadioTimes.com can reveal that Kim will be seen collapsing as she leaves the hospital. And in the wake of this drama, the already fragile Ms Fox-Hubbard decides to go for a scan, so she can check on the welfare on her unborn baby.

So will there be further shock news at the hospital? Find out when EastEnders broadcasts these episodes next week.


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