Emmerdale: Charity learns her son is still alive – but she doesn’t want to find him! Here’s what happens next

What will happen when mother and son are reunited next week?


Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle is reeling after being told the baby she thought had died at birth 27 years ago is still alive, paving the way for her first meeting with biological son Ryan Stocks next week.


In tonight’s episode, Charity was delivered the almighty bombshell by the police after she’d reported corrupt cop DI Mark Bails for grooming and raping her when she was a 14 year-old prostitute.

Hoping police would find information on exactly how her baby had died and whether they could obtain physical evidence to prove Bails was the child’s father, instead Charity received a curveball when she was told the investigation revealed the baby had not died after all.

Insisting she saw the little one flatlining as doctors battled to save his life, causing teenage Charity to flee the hospital assuming he hadn’t made it, the perplexed publican struggled to digest the news that recoreds showed he pulled through after she left and was later adopted.


The officer then explained the child, now all grown up and called Ryan Stocks, would have to be tracked down and agree to give a DNA sample to prove the case against Bails – but guilt-ridden Charity insisted she didn’t want her son to know the truth about his parentage and feared he would reject her for abandoning him…

Emmerdale have confirmed Charity will eventually come face-to-face with her grown-up son when she meets Ryan next week, who will be played by newcomer James Moore.

Will he blame his mum for leaving him? How will he react when he discovers what Charity went through as a teenager? And will meeting Ryan bring closure or more misery for Charity?


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