Emmerdale: Debbie tells Ross the FULL truth about his acid attack – find out who he tells!

Ross holds Debbie's fate in his hands…


Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle has finally confessed to Ross Barton that she ordered the acid attack that left him scarred and traumatised.


Following yesterday’s gun drama in which Debbie was accidentally shot by Ross during a showdown with Joe Tate, who lied to the bullying Barton he was responsible for the assault to protect his girlfriend, tonight’s episode revealed doctors had removed the bullet and saved Ms Dingle’s life much to the relief of her old and new flame.

After Ross and Joe maintained their cover story of Mr Tate finding wounded Deb after an unknown intruder had broke into Home Farm, the lovestruck boys were desperate to speak to the Dingle diva.

Groggy Debbie had just come round from her life-saving operation and questioned what she’d interrupted between the enemies when the gun went off. Manic Ross apologised and explained he was in a state after Joe ‘admitted’ to arranging his attack, confusing the patient and leaving the Tate tycoon concerned she’d incriminate herself despite him willingly taking the fall.


Despite Joe’s efforts at distraction, Debbie couldn’t handle her guilt any longer and finally admitted to Ross that it was her all along who’d been behind his acid attack ordeal. Raging Ross ran before weeping Debbie could explain it was a case of mistaken identity, as Joe had been the intended target as revenge for duping Deb.

How will Ross react to Debbie’s bombshell? Has this set the scene for Mr Barton’s exit following confirmation Michael Parr has quit the role?


Teasing what happens next, an Emmerdale insider told RadioTimes.com “Ross is absolutely raging at Debbie’s confession. Next week he confesses to his brother Pete, but will either of them decide to inform the police? Will Debbie pay the price or will Ross protect her?”

Meanwhile, Graham Foster threatened drug dealer Connor who had made Ross believe Joe Tate was responsible for the attack, but the criminal’s fate remains uncertain as he wasn’t seen after their tense confrontation.

Graham then busied himself with faking the burglar at Home Farm and feigning innocence when the police turned up to investigate the incident. Has Graham killed Connor?


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