Emmerdale: Doug arrested for killing Gerry – watch the scene

Lachlan watches on as the cops come calling


Emmerdale’s Doug Potts is hauled in by the cops next week as the finger points to him for the death of Gerry Roberts – will he end up paying the price for Lachlan White’s callous killing?


In a scene from the episode showing on Thursday 24 May, the police pull up in the village and tell the perplexed Mr Potts they have more questions regarding his part in the teen’s gruesome demise, buried beneath the rubble of the collapsed B&B ceiling.

This development follows on from Friday’s suggestion he could be culpable due to potential negligence over the safety of the B&B, which he was in charge of getting repaired as the ceiling was declared hazardous and about to cave in which it eventually did – thanks to Lucky…


Doug and Diane Sugden are shocked as the police officer asks him to accompany them to the station, while across the road the real murderer Lachlan chats to Aaron Dingle who remarks justice should be done as the rest of the villagers begin to turn on Doug, not realising what actually happened.

Is Doug facing jail, or will the truth about Lachlan murdering his friend to protect his killer secret that he was responsible for the deaths of mum Chrissie and granddad Lawrence White finally emerge?


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