Neighbours: Finn back for revenge! “He’s even worse this time round” warns Rob Mills

The returning star reveals the bad boy is manipulating Elly’s little sister for his own ends


Neighbours villain Finn Kelly is back in Erinsborough next week, but bides his time away from Ramsay Street for now while he plots his revenge on the residents.


The toxic teacher left a trail of destruction last year when he plotted to steal Susan Kennedy’s job as school principal, almost killing her in the process, and manipulated vulnerable teenager Xanthe Canning as part of his plan, as well as trying to frame ex-lover Elly Conway for attempted murder.

The psychotic villain collapsed with an aneurysm and was eventually transferred to a prison hospital to recover and do time for his crimes, but on Tuesday 22 May he makes a shock reappearance when he’s revealed as the secret boyfriend of Beatrix Nilsson, Elly’s estranged half-sister who tracks down her sibling years after a rift developed between the girls.

Telling Elly only her boyfriend understands how tough her life has been, viewers will then see tough cookie Bea back at home being comforted by her fella ‘Patrick’ – who is actually fiendish Finn Kelly! What’s he up to? Is he back for revenge on Elly and the rest of Ramsay Street? spoke to Rob Mills about reprising the role of power-mad Mr Kelly, and what we can expect from his second stint as the arch-manipulator…


How did Finn’s return come about?
In my mind I always thought it would be great if it happened, and I was absolutely thrilled when I got the call. I loved being a part of the show and loved everything about playing the character.

What brings him back?
Well it’s not teaching, I can tell you that! The dream of being a high school principal and an educator is long gone, but his desire to be a manipulator is still there.

We first see him away from Ramsay Street with Elly’s sister Bea, what can you tell us about her?
Bea is quite different from Elly. She’s a lot younger and has been living on the streets. Bea had a rough time with Elly’s mum and fell out with the family, hence why the sisters have had no contact for some time and their relationship is not good when Bea turns up in Erinsborough. So Finn thought it might be a good idea if they just patched things up, because he’s such a good Samaritan!


Bea doesn’t know who Finn really is, as she’s calling him Patrick, is she unaware he used to date Elly?
That is correct. As for being called Patrick, who’s to say Finn hasn’t just changed his name and wanted a fresh start?! You’ll question his feelings for Bea as to whether they are genuine. She actually looks a lot like Elly which I think helps Finn manipulate her to get what he wants…

Is there any remorse from Finn about the terrible things he did?
He’s been to prison and served his time and I’d like to say he’s rehabilitated, but I really don’t think he is. There’s great hurt in him. He doesn’t like to lose and if anything he’s gotten a little worse this time round.

What would happen if he saw Elly again?
They had a love/hate relationship, in that she hated him and he loved her! Finn is holding a grudge because she doesn’t love him which I think caused some psychosis. He definitely still has that dark side we saw before. If things don’t go his way he’s very controlling and manipulative. I don’t think Elly would be pleased to see him.


Does he still want revenge on Susan after trying to steal her job?
Listen, he just wanted a regime change at Erinsborough High! There’s no doubt in his mind he doesn’t like Susan. We shot the scene recently where Finn sees her again, and the look on her face was just pure disgust. I had to laugh with Jackie Woodburne afterwards, I told her it hurts when you look at me like that! There’s no making up, just hatred unfortunately. I’d love it if Finn and Susan became best friends but only so I could hang out with Jackie more in real life!

What about Xanthe, who he really manipulated before?
Their storyline was so interesting, and darker territory than normal for Neighbours. He preyed on her vulnerability, it was like real life catfishing, pretending to be someone you’re not. This time round Finn doesn’t have a lot to do with Xanthe, but when he does it has a big impact…

Finn seems to have reeled in Bea in the same way he did Xanthe, is she his next victim?
As you’ll see, Bea has been on the streets for five years so she’s pretty savvy. Whatever happens between Finn and Bea she’s quite resilient. I think she’ll be fine and can definitely hold her own, but it’s very hard to do that around such a strong narcissist as Finn Kelly. He plays a very long game.


Is there anyone in the cast you’d like to have more scenes with?
Damien Richardson who plays Gary Canning, but I don’t think he’d ever forgive Finn for what he did to his little girl Xanthe! But in the green room Damo and I always love a chat, he’s a great bloke. I bumped into Ian Smith who played Harold Bishop in the hallway at the studios! I think he was doing some publicity, maybe he’s coming back?! It was very cool to meet Harold Bishop, I felt very privileged. I grew up near the real Ramsay Street location in suburban Melbourne.

Are there any other actors from the past you’d like to return and work with?
Jesse Spencer who was Billy Kennedy, that would be great. Or Libby, so I could take down more Kennedys!

How long are you back for?
It’s a guest stint but also with the door left wide open again, which is very exciting for me and for the character, and for the lovers or haters of Finn!


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