Coronation Street: Phelan returns as Gary tracks him down – Mikey North interview

"He wants to bring him back to Weatherfield - which is a really bad decision!"


Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan is back on our screens next week when Gary Windass tracks down his arch-enemy to his hiding place and hatches a plan to get revenge on the serial killer for his reign of terror – but could he become his next victim?


Nicola Rubinstein, who is expecting Gary’s child any day now, reveals next Wednesday she’s made an online friend in a mums-to-be internet forum. But when she mentions the fellow expectant mother is based in Abergele in north Wales, the wily Windass grows suspicious.

Recalling how he heard Seb Franklin mention that Abergele was mentioned in Eileen Grimshaw’s police interview when her homicidal husband plunged into the sea, presumably to his death, a few months back, Gary starts putting the pieces together and does some digging – eventually discovering that a man matching poison Pat’s description has been spotted in a caravan park in the Welsh resort.


“Gary calls his friend Joe from the army,” reveals Mikey North, who plays the hot-headed labourer. “He asks him for a favour and they get a van and go to Abergele. Gary has a plan and I don’t think he really wants to go through with it, but knowing this could be Phelan he can’t stop himself.”

Rocking up at the caravan site, Gary is stunned as he spies – from a safe distance, obviously – the man who put his innocent mum Anna behind bars, as well as being responsible for the murders of Andy Carver, Luke Britton and Vinny Ashford, standing there very much alive. As North continues, his character embarks on a mission to deliver justice to the cobbles bad boy, by any means necessary…


“Gary should have stayed put and called the police, but that’s easier said than done. He didn’t have any suspicions Phelan could still be alive, but now he knows he doesn’t let it go – he’s got to see this through, for Anna.”

Following the recent trailer teasing Phelan’s return in a few weeks’ time, fans know the murderer will be returning to his old neighbourhood very soon, but North is staying enigmatically vague about Gary’s part in getting him there.


“He’s told his friend Joe he just needs to go and scare Phelan, but he has got him to Abergele under false pretences. Once Gary sees Phelan it all goes out of the window and he makes a really bad decision to get him back to Weatherfield…”

Meanwhile, unbeknown to Gary, Nicola is rushed into hospital for an emergency caesarean to deliver her baby, following a dramatic tumble down the stairs at number 11. With Gary poised to take on Phelan miles away from Weatherfield, will he live to see his baby boy?

Teasing the drama of Phelan’s big exit which kicks off the week beginning 28 May, North says he’s pleased the Windass clan are instrumental in the downfall of one of the most talked-about soap baddies in years. “It’s all going to come full circle and will end where it all began in some ways. It’s great to be a part of it. Gary is the one person who has never had the wool pulled over his eyes about Phelan, whereas a lot of others have.

“Gary is driven to do something which is wrong but he knows Phelan has ruined many lives and put people in danger so he want to see it through to the end…”


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