Emmerdale reveals the identity of Amelia’s father in shock scenes

But is it Dan or Daz?


The paternity riddle plaguing the Spencer family will be solved next week when Emmerdale reveals the identity of Amelia’s father.


In true soap fashion, a set of DNA results look set to go missing, leaving Daz and Kerry frantic with worry. Pretty soon, Dan has discovered what’s going on, but after the letter is retrieved, he feigns nonchalance and throws it in the bin.

But secretly, Dan is feeling conflicted about the situation. “Part of him want to know,” says actor Liam Fox. “But it’s a natural instinct for a lot of blokes to stick their head in the sand when they suspect that something bad is about to happen. Dan will always see himself as Amelia’s dad, but he is dreading the results.”

Later on, though, temptation proves to be too much and Dan ends up taking a sneak peek look at the results, an act that only ends up sparking further warfare between the Spencer siblings.


Emmerdale isn’t yet revealing what exactly Dan reads, but the aftermath sees him go to war with brother Daz and order him to pack up and leave.

“They’ve always had a love-hate relationship,” continues Fox. “And although he didn’t suspect him of sleeping with Ali, it’s not a complete surprise that he’s done so. He can be completely snide. At this point, Dan hates him. He wants Daz out of his life forever.”

But amidst all the arguing, Amelia arrives and demands to know what’s going on. Will this be the moment when she learns who her dad really is?

“Dan won’t want to tell her, but he knows it’s the right thing to do. They just have to deal with the situation. Dan just hopes it’s all going to work out for the best. But if Daz is Amelia’s father, Dan might end up losing her forever.”


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